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How to see if a website is scam or a really working?

Do you know the fake pages on Facebook which are telling you to get free packs or player? All you need to do is to log in. This is scam. Check out the picture below.


How does it work and why are they using it?

They are literally copying the EA Sports site and if you log-in they will get your E-Mail Address, password and security question. All they need for hijacking your account. They will steal your Coins and Player. Don’t fall for that.


Now let us show you how to figure out if it is really working. Lets take a look on for example.


This FIFA 17 Hack requires only a few information: Your ID/E-Mail Address (Xbox Live, Origin, PSN, Smartphones), the amount of Free FIFA 17 Coins, the amount of Free FIFA 17 Points. You can decide if you want to turn on proxies for extra safety. Thats it. No one asks for password or security question. This means we won’t be able to hack you or hijack your account. There is no risk for you. You can also see how it works in the video proof.


FIFA 17 Coin Generator No Survey

Many people say a survey is used to scam people, but actually a survey is very important to verify if the user is an human. Why? Because someone could easily develop an bot which could take advantage of the FIFA 17 Coins Hack. Imagine someone would generate millions of free FIFA 17 Coins within one minutes on hundred different accounts. EA would shutdown their servers until the bug is fixed. We respect our user, but we also ask for your respect to keep our FIFA 17 Hack working for everyone. By the way, there are many easy ways to solve a survey without spending any money.


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